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      Pol. Servicio la Serna, Calle H – S/N

      AIT inaugurated in May 2019, a space equipped with the latest technological advances, with 6,000 m2 and all the advantages of belonging to the CAT group of companies.

      Ait was born in 1997 with the idea that every production process is susceptible to improvement, with the aim of designing and manufacturing high quality machinery using modern technology and with a clear focus on customer service. The working lines which the firm has been focused in for 20 years are oriented to cutting vegetables and to frying and packaging.

      The new facilities allow to centralize its activity in Tudela, due to the exponential growth of the company, and dedicate an important space exclusively to R&D.

      On the other hand, most of its suppliers are in Navarra, with a generation of about 70 indirect jobs. Moreover, it’s international aspect, with 70% of the business exported abroad.

      In this way, the AIT labor society, specialized in the design and manufacture of machinery for the food industry, will enhance its growth strategy, optimization of energy resources and positioning to continue the internationalization of its products and services in more than 25 countries.

      We hope that the qualitative leap will be noticed not only for Ait workers but also for all customers since with this investment the company is making a clear and strong long-term commitment.